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following Jesus together

In Columbia as it is in heaven

What does it mean to
"follow Jesus"?

We use the phrase "follower of Jesus" all the time, but what does it mean, really? Another way to describe our lives as "followers" is that of a disciple, or apprentice, of Jesus of Nazareth. Simply put, it means you reorganize your life around three goals: be with Jesus, become like Jesus, do what Jesus did. 

who we are

Practicing the way of Jesus

Palmetto is a family of believers that seeks to orient our entire lives around discipleship to Jesus. We believe that when we live this way, our lives, our community, and our world will be transformed. 

Image by Daniel Schaffer

three goals

as disciples of Jesus

Be with Jesus

Our primary goal as followers of Jesus is learning to live in a constant state of connection to the Spirit. This is how we are able to be with Jesus, our Rabbi. We must invite him into every moment and learn to always be in two places at once—at home and with Jesus, at work and with Jesus, on your commute and with Jesus. To experience the life of Jesus, we must adopt the lifestyle of Jesus.

Become Like Jesus

The promise of the New Testament is nothing short of full-on transformation, but so many of us feel a disconnect between that promise and our reality. Is change really possible? The answer is: yes, but the odds are, it’s not what you think. To become like Jesus, you must be increasingly possessed and permeated by the character traits of Jesus. Allow yourself to be transformed, from the inside out, as you work to become like Jesus.

Do what Jesus did

How do we actually do what he did? As apprentices of Jesus, we are called to not only follow Jesus in spirit but we are called to continue his work on earth as it is in heaven. The end goal is to do what he did. To this end, we explore the next steps in forming our lives around the practices of Jesus. We want to discover how we can practice the way of Jesus, together, in Columbia.

What does it mean to practice the way of Jesus?

Following Jesus is an entire life’s pursuit. It is not just an event on a Sunday but a “way” of life in community around the teachings of Jesus. To “practice the way of Jesus” is to adopt the lifestyle of Jesus, to put his teachings into practice in all aspects of your life. As we live this way, we are transformed from the inside out. We believe this kind of deep, authentic, radical change of character is possible even in the chaos of the modern, digital, urban world. Through teaching, practice, community, and the Holy Spirit, we can recover our humanity in discipleship to Jesus.

Discipleship is a journey

We'd love to walk with you and equip you to take your next step of your apprenticeship to Jesus. 

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